Field Trips

Swiss Valley is an excellent field trip destination! Bring your class, your school, your Homeschool group, your academic club…our  SV Field Trip Program 18-19 is designed to give all students an introduction to the sport of downhill skiing. Because skiing is an individual sport, kids have the opportunity to be successful immediately …. no “sitting the bench” waiting for their turn to play. Each person can continually challenge themselves and excel at his or her own speed. Not only does skiing keep you physically fit, it can build self-esteem and a desire for competence that can carry over into all facets of life. But don’t tell the kids they might be learning from this experience. They’re only in it for the fun!  Come enjoy this economical week day opportunity. Offering an educational as well as athletic activity for any size group. All trips include an optional educational orientation to the sport of skiing, lessons & rentals.

Interested in visiting on the weekend or Holidays?  Try our Swiss Valley Group Program 18-19.

To make a reservation please contact Linda B. or Linda Sue at (269)244-5635. Email

Sample Excel Roster (Download & Fill Out)
Sample CSV Roster (Download & Fill Out)

“On behalf of the parent chaperones, I wanted to send a belated thank you for the wonderful time you treated us to for our Ascension School 8th Grade Ski Trip on Friday, February 27.  All 50 of the kids had a great time and will have memories of that special field trip.  Your staff’s friendliness, professionalism and kind-nature allowed us to have a fun filled day on the slopes (despite the 2″ of rain the night before that your crews so diligently worked through!!). We will certainly recommend your facility to future classes.”  – Fred Branstrader, Chaperone Parent for the 8th Grade Ski Trip, Ascension Catholic School- Oak Park, IL

Field Trip Survival Guide…..

Let’s get Organized!

Your planning kit includes many helpful worksheets and informational flyers.

• There are 2 blank copies of the Field Trip Roster sheet in your planning kit. Please take the time to fill this out as completely as possible, as this will speed up the check-in process and get your kids out on the slopes as quickly as possible.*

• You will need to know how many students and parents you are paying for and how many teachers, administrators and chaperones that are skiing at no charge. (Field Trip leader, teachers and administrators ski at no charge PLUS you are allowed 1 FREE chaperone for every 10 paid students) Non-skiing students and adults do not need to be in this count.

*You will receive 2 FREE lift tickets to come back to Swiss Valley anytime during this ski season when you turn in a complete and legible copy of your Field Trip roster with names, address, etc.

What’s for Lunch? 

We offer a wide selection of food and snacks that can be purchased in our cafeteria, or your group may elect to bring sack lunches. The easiest solution for all is our MEAL DEAL program. We offer 3 different planned meals for only $6.50 per person. You need to inform us of the count of each type Meal Deal you need 2 days prior to arrival.

Meal Deal #1-Hamburger Plate

Meal Deal #2-Hot Dog Plate

Meal Deal #3-Chicken Noodle Soup

All meal deals include chips, soft drink and dessert.

Please, No appliances allowed in Cafeteria.
(crock pots or coffee pots)

“I helped organize my class trip to Swiss Valley, they made it easy and fun! We all have memories that will last a lifetime.” – Heather 14 yrs old

What to wear?

Some participants may be skiing for the very first time. Dressing in layers is the most practical approach, as they can be removed or added to compensate for changing weather conditions. We suggest leather gloves or mittens. Rope tows are particularly hard on woolen or vinyl-type mittens and may ruined before the day is over.

* Our Ski & Board Shop has ski clothing for sale and rent.


• Payment should be made in the form of cash, credit card or ONE check. (Please avoid individual checks payable to Swiss Valley from students if possible.) Payment for skiing and Meal Deal is all done at check-in before orientation.

The Field Trip leader will need to leave their driver’s license as a deposit for rental equipment. Be sure to bring it with you to the office when you check in. Ski Lessons!

All Field Trip participants are eligible for COMPLIMENTARY Never, Ever Beginner ski lessons. It is VERY important for our staff to know (as accurately as possible) how many of your group will be taking the beginner ski lesson. Snowboard lessons are not available.

Sorry, snowboarding is NOT part of the Field Trip program, however, if you have a student that insists on snowboarding, they can get a snowboard rental for an additional $10 at the customer service window after orientation is over. They must bring their ski rental card to the window for exchange.

Secrets to Success! 

•Let us know of any special needs before your trip

•Arrive at your scheduled time

•Have your Roster Sheet filled out with up-to-date info

•Be ready with your money counted and organized

•Know who needs lessons

•Please inform us of any school delays or closures as soon as you know. We may need to revise our staffing needs for the day.

• Remember! We have snow even when you don’t!

• Be prepared for a fun filled day, enjoying our winter wonderland!