Progressive Programs

SV offers several special learning programs that will take you from ”Green to Black“. What is your interest?  Women Specific ? Freestyle ? 50+ /Ski w/Us! ? A Re-Introduction to what you once loved?

Novice-Intermediate- Advanced progressive lessons are available for most any specific interest. Personalized courses, taught by experienced, diverse and certified Instructors are our specialty.

In addition we have added a Terrain Park Skills/Freestyle Holiday Camp. The camp is scheduled for  three days during the holiday break with additional Terrain Park Instruction available the following Saturdays. 

Email or call (269)244-5635 ext. 245 once our ski season begins for details.  Our Snowsports staff is dedicated to personalizing a program that meets your specific need.  Our programs get results, are unique and offer excellent introductory instruction as well as intermediate to advanced coaching .

Progressive Lessons

Swiss Valleys Snowsports staff can provide personalized programs through the  Holiday Camp or our progressive 4 week Saturday courses taught by elite instructors providing progressive teaching and video analysis.   Open to ages 8 and up, both genders welcome, and offered in both skiing and snowboarding.

Our Snowsports Staff writes success stories! The “Terrain Park” programs  concentrate on teaching and coaching skills both outside and inside the Terrain Park. Whether you are new to the Terrain Park or want to improve on your skills, our program will provide the coaching desired. Our group of coaches will formulate a progressive training plan designed to individually advance skiers and snowboarders into higher skill levels.

This progressive program will consist of evaluating each individual’s abilities and goals, provide teaching and coaching skills for the individual, and progressive plans that will advance participants into the next level(s) of skiing or snowboarding  The programs are fun and exciting.

Coaching on jumps and elements to include;

  • Park Etiquette
  • Dance Floor
  • Flat Down Boxes
  • C-Box
  • Rainbow Rail
  • Storm Drain
  • Rails
  • Quarter Pipe and Spine
  • Table Top Jump

Through our Progressive Lessons approach, our group of coaches will formulate a progressive training plan designed to individually advance skiers and snowboarders into higher skill levels.  Racing, Terrain Park or Free Skiing/Snowboarding coaching is available!

Participants should have their own equipment and already have basic sliding skills.  Helmets are recommended and under age 18 will require parent signature.  Programs are customized with affordable pricing.  Express interest when flakes fall by calling (269)244-5635 ext. 245 or email our Snowsports Director, today!

Come join in the fun and learn from some of the best skiers and snowboarders around.  Sign up today at the Snowsports Learning Center.