Ski Clubs

SMC Extreme Sports Class

You only need 10 people to earn free skiing!

The Ski Club Program 13-14 is designed to accommodate any level skier from novice to advanced and progress with them on an individual basis as they develop. The cost is affordable so everyone can take advantage of this healthy lifelong sport. Become a Ski Club Sponsor! See how you and your family can ski free! For more information contact Swiss Valley today.


How it works.

When you join the Ski Club you will be issued a punch card. This punch card is transferable and can be shared with family and friends. There are 7 punches on this card representing 7 evening ski visits good from 3:30pm to 10:00pm 5 of these punches are white and must be used on the weeknight your Ski Club has chosen to ski. There are also 2 special “colored punches” on the card which may be used on an individual basis on any other evening of the week, including weekends.

The Ski Club Package consists of 7 lift tickets, 7 equipment rentals (either ski or snowboard) and 3 group lessons. The total cost is $166.00. If  rental is not needed the cost is only $124.00.

If you are a season pass holder, a $10.00 membership fee will be charged to join the club.

1. You only need 10 people!
2. It is a very affordable way to ski once a week
3. With only 10 paid members- you earn 2 club cards
4. With only 20 members a gold floater pass is earned. It is a season pass that can be used by anyone.
5. You can bring your entire family

4H, Churches, Neighborhoods…at such a low price and with such great benefits, this is a good deal for those that want to ski but worry about the expense!