Hours of Operation

Hours of operation vary with ski season start-up, weather conditions and spring season skiing. Swiss Valley is usually open for skiing by the second weekend in December until the second or third weekend in March. Please refer to our snow report for daily notification.

2016/2017 RATES

Adult Lift Ticket
Junior Lift Ticket
Ski Rental
*$5.00 to switch from ski rental to board/blade rental
Board or Blade Rental
*$5.00 to switch from board/blade rental to ski rental
Helmet Rental
13 & Up
All AgesAll AgesAll Ages
*Holiday Rates & Hours May Apply
See Below
10am - 10pm$30$25$22$25$10
4pm - 10pm$25$21$20$20$10
Sat9am - 10pm$42$30$22$25$10
Saturdays -2 for 1
Based on full day adult tickets
5pm - 10pm*$21 each*$21 each$11 each$ 12.50 each$10 (2/1 Rates Do Not Apply)
Sundays9 am - 7pm$40$30$22$25$10
Sunday Fun Day
2pm - 7 pm$25$25included$10$10
Sat & Sun "Overnighter"Sat & Sun Hours$65$50$35$45$20
Beginner Area TicketAny Day$10$10As Listed AboveAs Listed Above$10
Christmas Eve9am - 5pm$20$20$10$10$10
Christmas Daynoon - 7pm$20$20$5$5$10
*Dec 26,27,28,29 & 30
*Saturday Hours & Rates Apply
9am - 10pm$42$30$22$25$10
New Years Eve Day AM9am - 5pm$29$29$20$20$10
All slopes closed for grooming
New Years Eve Only
5 - 7pm
New Years Eve PM7pm - 1am$29$29$20$20$10
New Years Day
9am - 7pm$40$30$22$25$10
*Jan 2
*Saturday Hours & Rates
9am - 10pm$42$30$22$25$10
MLK & Presidents Day9am - 10pm$40$30$22$25$10
MLK & Presidents Day4pm - 10pm$25$21$20$20$10