Junior Development Team

Junior Development Team is a ski racing team composed of kids, ages 5-14, of all skiing ability levels. The JDT program’s primary goal is to give these kids a chance to learn the art of ski racing and improve their overall skiing skills. A great program for skiing children racing helps improve regular skiing skills along with building confidence, self-esteem, and strength in a fun, comfortable way. This is a wonderful program that keeps the whole family active during the winter season. We have sent 4 of our own junior racers to the Junior Olympics since starting this program and many other racers qualify for NASTAR Nationals each season. Junior Development Race Team Info & Schedule 2017 2018

The 2017/2018 Season Informational Meeting will be December 5th at 6:00PM in our Ski & Board Shop.

Training begins with a two day weekend session called JDT Race Camp. JDT Race Camp is scheduled for the weekend of  December 16th & 17th, 2017 (SNOW OR NO SNOW!)

If we are not yet open for skiing December 16th & 17th, camp will be modified to include a ski care/equipment clinic and dry land drills/exercises.  January 7th & 8th will be used as our “on the hill” JDT Race Camp make up date in the event we are not yet open December 16th & 17th.

If we are open for skiing, registration will be available in the Cafe’225 each day at 8:00AM, racers will train Saturday 9am-1pm and Sunday 9am-12pm. And to make it easier, plan breakfast in our Cafe’225 (we begin serving at 8:00AM) as you meet the coaches and fill out paper work before heading out to the hill when camp officially begins at 9:00AM. If we are not open for skiing, registration will be held in the Chalet with time to be announced. Each day offers skill building, great coaching and team fun!  The season continues with Tuesday evening practices and races through out Michigan.  Each team member and their  family is welcome to participate as much or as little as they like or as their family schedule allows. Junior Development Race Team information is frequently updated on our JDT Group Facebook Page, please join to receive information and ask any questions you may have about the program and participation.


Junior Development Race Team Info & Schedule 2017 2018

Swiss Valley’s JDT – Junior Development (Race) Team  *SV JDT INVITATIONAL will be held February 24, 2018.

With an excellent coaching staff, Parent Clinics are also available and complimentary during most Tuesday night JDT scheduled practices.

On February 24th, 2018, Swiss Valley hosts the Swiss Valley 2018 JDT Invitational for the several participating Michigan Ski Areas.  This Invitational is a fun filled day at Swiss Valley and parents are asked to volunteer to assist with the coordination.

After the completion of JDT Race Camp, seasonal team participation includes weekly Tuesday night practices, races and scheduled events which include races held at other local ski areas. Our coaches, who lead the team during practices & events, are former racers, professional ski instructors, and winter enthusiasts.

Why should you participate?

1. This program is extremely affordable with each team member enjoying up to 40  hours of instruction

2. A fun source of wintertime activity for parents and kids alike.

3. Everyone participates, no one sits on the bench.

4. 3 days of Holiday Race Camp included in registration fee.

5. Four great coaches, and we mean GREAT!

6. Parents can be actively involved and not be just a “taxi”with free parent clinics offered during weekly practices.

7. Kids can start skiing at a very early age & learn a skill they will enjoy throughout their entire lifetime.

8. Ski Care Clinics – We teach you how to treat your equipment with the care & respect your investment deserves.

9. Each individual has the opportunity for skill advancement with the benefits of team membership.

10. Enjoy a fun finale to the season with the Parents vs. JDT Kids Challenge and Team Party.

Again, parents are encouraged to participate and attend parent oriented race clinics held at the same time as practices, which will focus on race basics and how to help your child compete. Parents will also be asked to volunteer throughout the season and during the Swiss Valley Invitational.

Due to race course restrictions, JDT is not currently available for snowboarders, however, several options for freestyle training are available through the Snowsports Learning Center. For more information please call Swiss Valley at 269-244-5635 or email Alex@SkiSwissValley.com.

First Timers


The world of skiing has plenty of excitement for you, no matter how well you ski, how old you are, or how much time you have for winter recreation. Skiing is always rewarding. No two days are ever the same. Every ski trip offers you loads of fun and entertainment. Discover skiing this winter – it’ll do you a world of good! Lessons will make your first experience an enjoyable experience, we can not stress this enough! Friends don’t let friends teach friends…..

1. Dressing in layers is the most practical approach. A few lightweight garments are better than one heavy layer, since layers trap warm air in and draw moisture away from the skin. Layers can be removed or added to compensate for changing temperatures. Socks, one pair of good cold weather socks is just right. Your pant leg should be wide to accommodate fitting over the ski boot. Pants or too many socks stuffed into the ski boot an cause sore spots.

2. Avoid wearing scarfs and tuck long hair under or into your coat when using the rope tow.

3. In snowy weather goggles can be helpful. Double lens goggles are best and are available in our Ski & Board Shop.  After your initial visit and the determination is made that you now LOVE winter… Goggles, Ski Socks and Helmet purchases represent money well spent as you make your way into the sport.

4. Chap Stick and Sunscreen are also advised.

5. A warm, knit hat is an essential item and we also encourage you to rent a helmet! More than 50% of your body heat can escape through your head, so it’s important to keep it covered.

6. Gloves and mittens are important. Besides providing warmth, they protect your hands. If you use the rope tows on the beginner area use leather or leather-faced gloves and mitts. Glove protectors are good, too. (Tow mitts and glove protectors are available in the Ski Shop at Swiss Valley)

7. For skiers of any age, a good sunscreen is a must. Snow acts as a reflector of the sun’s rays, so skin is vulnerable from all directions. DON’T FORGET: Sunglasses (essential for sunny days); and Goggles (essential for snowy days).

8. For starters, don’t rush out and buy equipment when you’re first learning. By renting, you can upgrade your equipment as you become more experienced. Both downhill skiing and snowboarding equipment can be rented, as well as clothing.

9. If you ever decide to borrow skis, be sure to have the bindings re-adjusted to your own body by a trained ski technician. Bindings adjusted to another person’s height, weight and skill level might not be set at the right setting for you and could present a safety problem.

10. Enrolling in a ski school should be a priority. Participation in a class for first time skiers is your assurance that you’ll learn good skiing habits from the start. Teaming up with a professional instructor will ease you into the world of skiing, helping you first get used to the feel and function of your equipment.

11. If you happen to get chilled, take a break and head for the lodge for a steaming cup of cocoa or hot cider.

12. Arrive early, especially on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Eat lunch before noon or after 1:30 to avoid the rush.

13. Make arrangements to meet your family or friends at a designated place and time before heading out on your own.

14. Bring extra money or credit cards. Besides having the best food in the area, we have a full-line Ski Shop & Service Center for your every winter need!

15. Always inspect slopes before purchasing lift tickets, sorry, no refunds.

16. Remember, Have fun, and enjoy !

ATM Available: For Your convenience there is an ATM located near the ticket window in the Main Lodge.